Commercial Branch of Hunan Province in Middle East
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Ajman Free Zone, UAE
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Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation
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Introduction to the Commercial Branch
On March 25th, 2015, Commercial Branch of Hunan Province in Middle East Area is set up and awarded with nameplate. It is proposed that the Branch will be established in Ajman Emirate, UAE, by Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation, the holding subsidiary of Hunan Bosen Industrial Group, commissioned by Hunan Commerce Department, with Mr. Feng Luo being authorized as the Chief Representative of the Branch, carrying out related economic activities and performing related functions.
The Commercial Branch, whose primary mission is to implement the decisions and arrangements of Hunan Provincial Standing Committee and Government regarding the development of open economy, will be operated in the manner of government procuring services. The Branch, with seven functions as collecting information, contacting the government and enterprises, serving enterprises, preparing projects, connecting and implementing, promoting economy and trade, and promoting and publishing, will also endeavor to play a good role between Hunan Province and Middle East Area as communication bridge, helping Hunan Province to achieve large-scale “going out” and high-level “introducing in”, together with the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office, Regional Representative Office, and the overseas Chamber of Commerce.

1. Contacting the government and enterprises. Strengthening the interaction of Hunan enterprises in Middle East Area with Local government and other organizations. Creating good relationship for them, and promoting the development of economy and trade.
2. Servicing enterprises. Providing the economy and trade services and supportive policies to Hunan enterprises which have been expanding or will expand business in Middle East Area, and keeping information exchange.
3. Preparing projects. Providing good services to the projects under implementation and operation, then preparing and launching new projects based on the practical situation of Middle East Area and the advantages of Hunan enterprises.
4. Connecting and implementing. Connecting and implementing the cooperation and exchange of economy and trade for Hunan Province and major countries of Middle East Area. Meanwhile, deepening and expanding cooperation to achieve win-win on the basis of specific project. 
5. Promoting economy and trade. Promoting the development of economy and trade between Hunan Province and Middle East Area, and achieving rapid growth in total volume of international economy and Import-Export trade, through the coordination and organization of the Commercial Branch.
6. Collecting information. Timely seizing the economic information of the countries in Middle East Area regarding the current situation, strengths and weaknesses, trends, and industry characteristics, and conducting the cooperation with those countries in economy and trade according to the economic development features of Hunan Province.  
7. Promoting and publishing. Actively promoting and publishing the investment policy, environment, industry orientation, and cultural tourism resources of Hunan Province, and attracting enterprises of Middle East Area to invest in Hunan to achieve the growth of total foreign-introduced capital and Hunan Province economy.