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Ajman Free Zone, UAE
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B: Comprehensive Department
Located in the prosperous China Mall, Comprehensive Department Pavilion has unique business philosophy, filled with the fusion of Chinese and Western culture, which attracts a large number of loyal customers. Now it has developed into a large commercial complex with department stores, clothing, supermarkets, restaurants, entertainment, leisure, and sports.
Comprehensive Department Pavilion provides customers with new experience of one-stop shopping. There are a variety of products with complete ranges and high qualities. The Pavilion is full of great things in eyes, such as foods, toys, new clothing, toiletry, household appliances, general merchandise, and meat and vegetables. Goods on display are diverse, full of connotation and features, which can satisfy all preferences of various customers.
Comprehensive Department Pavilion is committed to creating the honest and best wholesale supply of goods, and sales and service channels in the M.E. It focuses on world consumption tendency. Through the powerful model and service system of one-stop shopping, it brings you an unexpected and new shopping experience for your pursuit of convenient life
Welcome to Comprehensive Department Pavilion in China Mall. We are committed to careful, considerate and warm services, looking forward to your patronage!