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Ajman Free Zone, UAE
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Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation
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Current position: China Mall > Pavilions Introduction
G: Furniture Building Materials
As the first local one-stop shopping center, Furniture & Building Materials Pavilion covers modern and classic furniture, with upholstered, wooden, and cany materials. There are Chinese and European-style furniture, which can be used for children, adults, living rooms, and outdoors. Following the pace of the times, products are making innovation all the time, with the most advanced design concepts in the world. In addition, there are some featured furniture, either practical or unique.
High-end positioning, excellent quality, reasonable prices, and considerate services are our solemn commitment. Moreover, we are committed to the artistry, safety and durability of products, creating high quality life for you and providing you with pleasing household services. The Pavilion will become the preferred target for customers, leading furniture trend in the Middle East.
Welcome to Furniture Building Materials Pavilion in China Mall. We are committed to careful, considerate and warm services, looking forward to your patronage!


Rental Notice

You know Ajman China Mall, and will station in the Mall. The Rental Notice is designed to help you understand related policies of Ajman China Mall before your station. If you have something unclear, please contact us.

1. Leasing Objects and Conditions
In order to ensure the high business level and quality of Ajman China Mall Procurement Center, our company will make accreditation for tenants who will do business in the Mall. We give priority to companies, institutions and agencies with high quality products, strength and sound reputation, making sure that Ajman China Mall can develop rapidly, prosperously and steadily. Tenants with the following conditions are preferred:

  • Global manufacturers and the chain organizations of certain scale, producing or operating high-end products;
  • Local brand agents with a certain strength and popularity, operating high-end products;

Note: Tenants should try to summit information to prove their maximum strength, for more opportunities to station.

2. Price for Leasing and Central Air-conditioning (calculated on square meters with charge unit AED)

  • F, G, H

Shops: AED 1350-2000 per square meter for one year; (Specific shop price is subject to the management of Ajman China Mall.)

Counters: AED 45,000.00-100,000.00 each one for one year; (Specific counter price is subject to the management of Ajman China Mall.)

  • Central Air-conditioning:

Supporting Central Air-conditioning: AED 110 per square meter for one year;
Counters: AED 3,500 each one for one year because of the supporting.

3. Related Performance Bonds

  • Performance Bond

Two-month rent should be charged according to the total monthly rent. Tenants can choose payment by cash or check.

  • Commodity Credit Deposit

Charge AED 3,000 each shop within the area of 100 square meters;        
Charge AED 5,000 each shop with the area between 100 and 200 square meters;
Charge AED 8,000 each shop beyond the area of 200 square meters;
Charge AED 3,000 each counter.
Commodity Credit Deposit Instructions: the management of Ajman China Mall first introduces “Advance Compensation” market consumer protection mechanism in the Middle East, in order to maintain the great reputation of Ajman China Mall and the tenants, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the customers and buyers. Credit deposit is set up to deal with customers' complaints and restitution issues.

4. Leasing-free Period

Station Period

Leasing-free Period

2015.5.15 to 2015.6.30

Shops: three months
Storefronts: one month

2015.7.1 to 2015.8.30

Shops: two months
Storefronts: one month

2015.9 to Trial Operation

Storefronts: one month

5. Decoration Period
FGH are all in decoration before trial operations.

6. Leasing Term and Rent Increment



Contract Signing Ways

Rent Increment/%


Within 150㎡


The second year: 8%
The third year: 8%



The second year: 6%
The third year: 8%

Over 300㎡


The second year: 6%
The third year: 8%




The second year: 8%
The third year: 8%

Meanwhile, rent increment in the fourth year is no less than 10%, despite of the contract signing ways.

7. Payment Ways (unit: AED)
Rent can be paid in one time or three times, (Note: If paid in three times, the forth-month rent should be paid when signing the contract). The fee of central air-conditioning should be paid in one time.

8. Reservation Procedure

  • Submit business credentials, brand atlases and individual legal status information.
  • Charge AED 20,000 for each shop, and sign the Leasing Intention Manual with our corporation.
  • Sign the leasing contracts by appointment within 15 workdays. If tenants in appointment don’t sign contracts within the required time, they will be regarded as giving up the reserve positions, and the deposit will not be returned. The two sides are both out of responsibility, and our cooperation has the right to make additional arrangements for the reserved shops.

9. Shop Delivery Standards

  • Shop structure: delivered as it is;
  • Floor: delivered as it is;
  • Ceiling: delivered as it is;
  • Electric Light: main electricity is provided by our cooperation with one main switch installed; others will be installed by tenants (with our corporation’s approval);
  • Specific decoration standard is subject to Store Decoration Management Guidance set up by our corporation.

10. Leasing Contacts
       Janet: 055-9971617                  Maryam: 050-1317816
       Faooque: 050-7003576            Amir: 056-7054320
       Jimmy: 0564150641

This Notice is interpreted by our corporation, which has the right to amend it without further notification.

Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation