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LI Xinqiu,led Hunan Provincial Economic and Trade Delegation to inspect China Mall in Ajman

At 4:00 p.m. of Dubai time on September 27, 2016, LI Xinqiu, Vice-Director of Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, led Hunan Provincial Economic and Trade Delegation to inspect China Mall Ajman, aiming at providing suggestions for the national level park distribution of economic and trade cooperation abroad, and learning the development status of China Mall in Ajman as well as the progress of Phase I Quality Improvement and Transformation and Phase II Conceptual Planning.

LI Xinqiu together with the Delegation members was warmly welcomed by all staff of China Mall in Ajman. In the office area of the Business Attraction and Customer Service Center, LI Xinqiu visited staff from different countries and races working here, and expressed cordial greetings to overseas Chinese there.

PENG Tielan, President of Hunan Bosen Industry Group, LUO Feng, General Manager of China Mall in Ajman and other leaders as well accompanied LI and the Delegation members visited around.

At every site, LI would stop to look at the product price and the product production plant, and talked with the operator.

In the office of the logistics company affiliated to Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation, LI carefully learned the living status of staff, and consulted the operation model of logistics projects there. Later, Li and the Delegation members arrived at the “Hunan Pavilion”. In 2015, XU Xiangping, Director of Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, listed the board of “Hunan Province” in person while inspecting China Mall. The Pavilion built on Hunan characteristics aims at carrying forward the Hunan culture, enhancing bilateral trade and economic exchange and demonstrating the essence of Hunan deeply and all-dimensionally.

In the Hunan Famous and Quality Product Middle-East Exhibition Center, LI listened to a detailed report given by PENG Tielan about the project cooperation platform as well as the marketing and promoting model. After listening to the report, LI pointed out that the Exhibition Center is an important measure to accelerate point-to-point bilateral economic and trade cooperation progress. As a major manufacturing province in Central China, Hunan has been in a leading place in many industries. He also said that the launch of the Exhibition Center project can efficiently promote famous and quality products of Hunan Province on the international market, thus addressing the development concern of small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about expanding the overseas market. LI further emphasized the necessity of speeding up the overall construction of the Exhibition Center and referring to successful experiences of “Hunan Famous and Quality Products Exhibition and Sales Platform in Beijing”. By doing so, the Exhibition Center, LI firmly believed, can be another name-card of Hunan in United Arab with multiple functions, including product exhibition and publicity, wholesales and retails, onsite experiences, e-commerce, warehousing and logistics distribution at its core.

The Delegation also visited the SME Overseas E-commerce Registration Center & Warehousing and Logistics Distribution Center.

LI was glad to learn that Phase I Quality Improvement and Transformation Project would start its construction after finishing design and bidding, and that Phase II Conceptual Planning was also underway. He thought China Mall in Ajaman acts as an important platform, guiding Chinese enterprises and commodities to “go global”. LI mentioned the necessity of making full use of geographical advantages of United Arab and strategic opportunities brought by China’s “Belt & Road” initiative as well as trade and economic cooperation opportunities between Hunan Province and Ajman, continuously enhancing management, improving service quality, building brands and expanding influence. He also hoped that China Mall in Ajman could generously share its successful development experiences with more Hunan enterprises with the ambition to expand their overseas market, thus becoming a springboard for their “going global” and a platform for their expansion of the overseas market. Department of Commerce of Hunan, LI said, would spare no efforts to help Hunan enterprises developing abroad solve problems and difficulties confronting them, and support more economically powerful and promising Hunan enterprises “go global”.

To conclude, he wished a more prosperous future for China Mall in Ajman and Hunan Bosen Industry Group.