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Ajman China Mall Celebrates the 67th Anniversary of the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China

Looking back, we stride proudly and boldly ahead.

The history of 5000 years

The long march of 25000 lis

The 67 years since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China

   China suffered and survived throughout the history. Its 56 nations keep united for the construction of the country. In the 67 years, generations of the dragon have brought about significant changes. The country becomes prosperous and powerful day after day. Its comprehensive capacity is increasingly enhanced and people in China live and work in peace and contentment. Our country is creating new glories.

   Scene 1: raising the national flag facing the sunshine

   At 3 o’clock in the afternoon on 1949.10.1, the founding ceremony was held in Beijing Tiananmen Square. Even the earth was celebrating together. Chairman of Central People’s Government Mao Zedong, who just assumed office, stepped onto Tiananmen tower with the Commander in Chief Zhu De. Accompanied by the national song of March of the Volunteers, the civil leader Mao Zedong declared to the world solemnly: “the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China is founded today!” “Chinese people stand up from now on!”

   At 10 o’clock in the morning on 2016.10.1, accompanied by the sunshine and breeze, the whole staff in the China Mall in Ajman gathered in the Central Square in order, holding the solemn flag-raising ceremony. Three foreign staff and two Chinese staff in the Security Department were appointed as the flag bearers and flag raisers. When it turned to 10 o’clock, accompanied by the passionate national song, the flag bearers walked in orderly step appearing in the square. With the solemn rhythm of the national flag, we faced the sunshine, singing the national song and staring at the bright five-star flag arising slowly. As Chinese people working in foreign country, we felt proudly. Customers and citizens also stopped staring at the flag to feel the solemn time.

   The General Manager Luo Feng made a passionate speech. He pointed out that with the increasingly strengthening of China Chinese people also increased their confidence. On the premise of fulfilling our own work, we should be the peace envoy for China to transmit Chinese culture to United Arab Emirates and to sow the seed of peace and friendship in the heart of Arab people. We should follow the idea of the Belt and Road to promote the economic development and trade exchange with coastal countries. We would contribute to China with our diligence and exploration to finally realize the significant “China Dream”!

   Although living in foreign countries, we still keep ourselves together with China to hold the flag-raising ceremony and celebrate such a grand festival. This is so significant that it is not only the patriotism education for the whole staff, but also can call for team spirit and stimulate the work passion.

   Scene 2: customers celebrates the National Day

   At 17:30 in the afternoon, the whole staff in China Mall, commercial tenants and customers held the grand birthday party for National Day in the Central Scenery Zone in China Mall. The large cake designed with Chinese map was finished by famous Arab baker for 3 hours on the site.

The 67 candles represented each year China experienced, representing each solid step forward. When the national song ended, people blew the candles and made wishes together. Famous rhythms like Singing for China and Love China left a lasting impression. Many Chinese commercial tenants also expressed that with China became increasingly powerful, they were filled with full confidence in living in foreign countries. They were greatly inspired by such scenes.

   The Central Scenery Zone suddenly became a joyful sea. People sang and danced, sharing the delicious birthday cake together. They recorded the unforgettable time.

   Scene 3: presents in the Free Zone celebrating the National Day

   For 32 years since the diplomatic relation established, both parties and people respect and sincerely cooperate with each other. They keep intimate relation with rapid development. Ajman Government and leaders pay more and more attention to the position and function of China, appreciating the significant economic and social achievement of China in recent years. As a successful symbol for the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, Ajman China Mall has made great contribution to the economic trade development for both countries.

   It is the 67th Anniversary of the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China.

   There are successes frequently.

   Horses are running throughout the nation.

   Boats are flying across the galaxy.

   The Silk Road is reaching everywhere.

   Chinese money is applicable worldwide.

   This is a harmonious society.

   The peaceful world is creating a new glory.

In such a celebrating day, the General Manager of the Free Zone in Ajman Muhammad Hashemi personally arrived at Ajman China Mall to celebrate the National Day together with us. And he brought along the large-sized five-star flag cake as the national day present to share with us.

After the songs of both countries, the General Manager of Ajman China Mall Luo Feng addressed a speech. He pointed out that after the settlement of Ajman China Mall in the Free Zone in Ajman, it received the support from the president of the Free Zone Shaikh Ahemad, and it could not leave without the hard work of the General Manager Hashemi and departments of the government of the Ajman Free Zone. The celebration today represented the new development of the traditional friendship between China and UAE in the new century and time. It also represented the economic trade between Hunan and Ajman could develop toward broader and deeper direction. It even represented the close friendship between Ajman China Mall and Ajman Free Zone.

It was noisy and joyful with laugh and applause. With constant presses by the cinema, the joyful moments were recorded in the colorful photos and impressed into everyone’s heart forever.