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Hilarious launch of “Ajman China Mall Shopping Festival 2016” on November 28 | Six spotlights! Don’t miss it!


Currently, Dubai Shopping Festival has been a world-renowned cultural festival. Not only has it stimulated economic growth of the UAE, but also attracted millions of visitors, thus making great contributions to development of Dubai’s tourism. Ajman China Mall is a diversified commercial city integrating shopping, delicacies, tourism, entertainment and leisure activities in Ajman, UAE. Its unique operation style holds great attraction to local residents as well as to foreign visitors. In order to celebrate the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, the one-month “Ajman China Mall Shopping Festival 2016” sponsored by Ajman China Mall and organized by Ajman Free Trade Area and Tourism Administration will be kicked off on December 1, 2016. Consumers will embrace a hilarious feast combining delicacies, shopping, tourism and culture.  

 “This is an unprecedented consumption feast at least in the UAE,” said Head of Ajman China Mall. “This shopping festival covers 20,000 commodities of hundreds of commodity categories, including department stores, restaurants, home appliances, communications products and electronic products. Another two important events, including Press conference of Shopping Festival and the 45th Anniversary of UAE National Day & Shopping Festival Launch Conference, will also be held. We will publicize our activity through the transport radio stations, text messages and social media. Participants have an opportunity to win free round-trip tickets and the special prize of cars (two cars only), and tens of thousands of consumption coupons will be delivered. Interesting games, including “Throw Darts at Prize-containing Balloons” and “AR Painting Contest”, will be held every day. All in all, our shopping festival is great fun and offers many surprises.” 

On the occasion of the Shopping Festival, many merchants offer attractive discounts, giving local residents a good excuse to go shopping to their heart’s content. This is an opportunity for family relaxation. In China Mall, there are many quality and exquisitely-made Chinese products sold at a reasonable price.

During the Shopping Festival period, consumers can participate in the lucky-draw round with a receipt of no less than 200AED, and can win catering coupons, iPads, coffeemakers and juicers. The wining rate is as high as 90%. At the end of December, winners of round-trip tickets of different flights and one car winner will be announced. Every day, consumers can find new surprises; every week, there are new highlight. By the end of the month, consumers will see whether they have won the top prize. Want to get good bargains? Just come to China Mall.

M&Y, a Chinese brand in the F Pavilion, distributes couples on its original promotional basis so as to express its thanks to long-term support of its consumers. As the largest brand store in Ajman China Mall, M&Y specializes in a wide range of products, including cosmetics, shoes, hats, cases, bags, toys, children’s, women’s and men’s wear. Consumers can almost get anything they need in M&Y.

Splash and Babyshop, two famous brand stores in the H Pavilion are ahousehold name locally, selling casual wear and children’s wear. Based on the original promotional activity of “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, they launch “Buy 5 Get 1 Free”. One just spends around 300AED to get newly dressed from top to toe. Take a look at the original price, and it might far exceed 300AED. On this Shopping Festival, consumers can go shopping without so many concerns.

What is worth mentioning is the Chinese Delicacy Pavilion on the north of the G Pavilion. It launches more than 30 new dishes, including cakes, flour-made dishes, seafoods, dried meat, rice served with meat and vegetables on top, cold vegetable dishes in sauce, and griddle-cooked dishes. These dishes cover multiple cuisines, including Hunan Cuisine, Canton Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine and Zhejiang Cuisine. During the Shopping Festival, consumers can have access to different special offers and preferential set meals. The lottery ticket consumers get from stores can be used to win a cash couple (“15AED off from 50AED”). The delicious Chinese foods should never be missed.

On November 26, Ajman China Mall invited 13 local media, including Ajman TV Station, to participate in a press conference. On November 28, the 45th Anniversary of UAE National Day & Shopping Festival Launch Conference was held. Apart from advertising on various newspapers, TV channels, and radio stations, Facebook and Instagram have also helped publicize the series of activities held by Ajman China. Consumers can get the latest discount information from Facebook and Instagram, or interact, consult and forward messages to win great prizes. Besides, consumers forwarding activity messages and getting adequate likes can get a round-trip ticket of any flights offered by Oman Air.

Another highlight of the Shopping Mall is that the latest 3D digital painting product produced by Hangzhou Handian Technology Co., Ltd., co-sponsor of the Shopping Festival, will make its first appearance in Ajman China Mall. It will also be the first time for the company to promote in the Middle East. The product is quite popular among children. It allows children to experience the latest 3D drawing technology and see things drawn by them to move. Children can also participated in “AR Painting Contest” held from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. In order to attract more children, the Contest lasts until March 1. There grand prizes for the painting contest. Participants can have opportunities to win a brand car, iPhone7 and so on.

The Shopping Festival will be launched on December 1, 2016. Consumers can experience the fun of “Ajman China Mall Shopping Festival” in many aspects, including foods, transportation, travels, shopping and entertainment. All these justify “Ajman China Mall Shopping Festival 2016” a must-see.

Highlight 1: Free performances and free cakes to celebrate the National Holiday

On the eve of November 28, the National Holiday, visitors can watch themed performances offered by SAMA Kindergarten and share the themed celebration cakes. Don’t miss the feast to your eyes and mouth.

Highlight 2: The most options of stores and commodities and the most attractive special offers

The Shopping Festival gathers 1,600 stores in China Mall with more than 20,000 kinds of commodities. The discount can be as high as 80% off. You can find shoes, hats, cases, toys, hardware, home appliances, home decorations, lights, building materials and bathroom accessories here. The Shopping Festival accommodates to needs of your whole family and whole house.

Highlight 3: Daily, weekly and monthly lucky draw, and numerous surprises

Surprises continue on the Shopping Festival. Those purchasing no less than 200AED goods in Ajman China Mall can get a lottery ticket, and participate in the daily lucky draw or “throw darts at prize-containing balloons” to win coupons and lucky packages. Meanwhile, consumers can participate in weekly lucky draw to win iPads, coffeemakers, juicers and other digital appliances. By the end of December, the grand prize winner of Cherry car will be announced. One lottery ticket can participate in daily, weekly and monthly lucky draw. You have an opportunity to get all these prizes. Just visit Ajman China Mall, right now.

Highlight 4: Vigorous promotional sales of merchants and Buy 5 Get 2 Free”

The Shopping Festival is vigorously supported by many famous brands, such as Splash, Babyshop, M&Y, Face-to-Face, offer unprecedented discounts. “Buy 5 Get 1 Free”. One just spends around 300AED to get newly dressed from top to toe. Take a look at the original price, and it might far exceed 300AED. On this Shopping Festival, consumers can go shopping without so many concerns.

Highlight 5: Online message forwarding on Facebook to win round-trip tickets

Apart from offline surprises, online surprises are also waiting for you. It is a time for social network “experts” to show off. You just need to forward the activity information on our Facebook. The two getting the most likes can get a free round-trip ticket from us. You are free to choose any flight of Oman Air from December 30 to March 31. Act right now, and travel around the world.

Highlight 6: Announcement of the final winner of the grand prize and ringing in 2017.

This final winner of the grand prize will be announced on December 31 on the award ceremony. You have every chance to be that lucky dog on the special occasion and take away the grand prize. On the wonderful night, we will also ring in 2017 together.


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