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Ajman China Mall expects Chinese tenants to enter it

Xinhua Dubai on December 24 report (reporter li zhen) At the date of December 23,  his highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid AlNuaimi, crown prince of emirate Ajman, said:“ Welcome more Chinese enterprises and tenants to enter Ajman China Mall, so as to promote local economic development.”

When Sheikh Ammar met with Mrs.Li Lingbing, the Chinese consul general in Dubai and said:“ China is an important trade partner of UAE. Ajman China Mall is a classic example of mutual benefit and win-win results between the two countries. Sheikh Ammar praised China's professional and efficient management team, it made important contributions to the prosperity of the local economy.

During the meeting, Li Lingbing thanks for support of UAE local government in trade and economic cooperation between two countries, especially in China Mall project . She said, in recent years, bilateral trade volume between two countries keep growing under the background of global economic slowdown , it fully shows that there are highly complementary, great development potential between the two economies. She hopes that at the same time of Ajman China Mall project obtains economic benefits, also pay attention to social benefits, contribute to build "One Belt, One Road" between China and UAE.

Ajman is one of seven emirates in UAE, China Mall is also called China Commodity Purchasing Center in the Middle East, located in Free Zone, Ajman, the UAE. The main business of China Mall is the wholesale of general merchandise, hardware, appliances, furniture and pretty commodities. It is the only trading business platform under independent management by Chinese team in whole UAE. There are 1,600 shops inside it, more than 80% of tenants inside it came from China.