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The Chairman of China Chamber of Commerce in UAE Mr. Song Wang and his team do Research in Ajman China Mall

On September 14th, 2015, 11:00 GST, Mr. Song Wang, the Chairman of China Chamber of Commerce in UAE, does research in Ajman China Mall, with five representatives of China Chamber of Commerce overseas. Mr. Feng Luo, the General Manager, Mr. Yingchun Yue, the Deputy General Manager, and other relevant directors of Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation, meet with the guests friendly in the meeting room of Ajman China Mall.
At the meeting, the two sides conduct in-depth communication about the work during the former stage as well as the later development strategy of Ajman China Mall project. Mr. Luo, the General Manager, introduces the present leaders the situation of Hunan Bosen Industrial Group, the controlling shareholder of Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation, by playing the video. And also, Mr. Luo introduces the efforts for Ajman China Mall and the corresponding changes since controlled by Bosen Group for more than one year.
Mr. Wang, the chairman, says that Ajman China Mall management is bold enough to introduce international elite team, which is helpful to improve the level of project management. Under the background of making great efforts to build “One Belt One Road”, China support Chinese enterprises to go out for economy and trade investment. As the second largest Chinese merchandise distribution center in the Middle East, we will build great platforms for more Chinese enterprises and their products to go out to the world.
Mr. Wang also pointed out that Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation, registered in Ajman, is a wholly-owned subsidiary that sets project investment, operation and management together, which reflects the differences in overseas investment strategy by Bosen Group, and plays a good role model in response to “One Belt One Road” policy. And Mr. Wang hopes to replicate this model to other countries successfully. Moreover, China Chamber of Commerce in UAE will also actively help to promote Ajman China Mall, and hopes that Ajman China Mall can be part of China Chamber of Commerce this big family quickly.
After the meeting, Mr. Wang and his team, accompanied by Mr. Luo, specially inspect the new pavilions of Ajman China Mall in hot investment attraction. They affirm the ongoing improvement and reconstruction work in the Mall, like fire prevention and monitoring, and remind that we cannot be lax in the safety awareness of anti-terrorism and anti-riot every moment, and that we should strengthen defense consciousness together with tenants. What’s more, they propose fire prevention programs of warehouse structure defects, and give suggestions in details on series of safety precautions that new employees could be filed in consulate general.
China Chamber of Commerce in UAE, set up in 2004, is a non-profit social organization formed by Chinese enterprises and agencies in UAE, with more than 160 unit members and eight group units. It covers multiple industries, such as energy,construction, telecommunication, maritime transport, air transport, logistics, finance, textile, furniture, exhibition, catering, tourism and so on, which plays an important role in assisting domestic enterprises to explore overseas markets, promoting the trade between China and UAE, and developing bilateral economy and trade cooperation.