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The General Director of Hunan Commerce Dept. Mr. Xu visits the Member of UAE Supreme Council and Ajman Emir H.H. Humaid

On March 31st, 2015, the Delegation of Hunan Province led by Mr. Xiangping Xu, the General Director of Hunan Commerce Department, takes a protocol visit to His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, the member of UAE Supreme Council and Emir of Ajman Emirate. They have comprehensive communication regarding the issues about strengthening the cooperation and exchange of economy and trade between Hunan Province and UAE, and promoting the implementation of specific projects.

His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the General Director of Ajman Monetary Authority and Chairman of Ministry of Ajman Economic Development, is present.

The meeting is held in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Mr. Xu expresses that Hunan Province, as an important inland province of China, has a long and splendid historic culture. In recent years, with the continuous and stable implementation of “Rising of Central China” and “One Belt One Road”, China’s economy has been developing with each passing day, GDP growth rates ranking top among the central provinces of China. The implementation of “One Belt One Road” has promoted the economy and trade communications between Hunan Province and other Asian countries, especially Middle East Area. As an important window influencing Middle East Area and Africa, UAE develops rapidly in recent years. And, as an important part of UAE, Ajman Emirate possesses strategic location and great market prospect. On the basis of the good platforms of UAE and Ajman, taking this as a window, Hunan Province will recommend outstanding enterprises and specialty products of Hunan to Middle East Area and Africa.

In order to effectively promote the economy and trade cooperation, Hunan Commerce Department has established the Office of West Asia and Africa, which is responsible for the issues about the economy and trade cooperation with Middle East Area and Africa. Hunan Commerce Department will set up Commercial Branch of Hunan Province in Middle East Area in Ajman Emirate, promoting the bilateral economy and trade cooperation.

After hearing Mr. Xu’s presentation, His Highness expresses that he warmly welcomes the Delegation of Hunan Province to visit Ajman. Ajman is willing to continue to deepen the economy and trade cooperation with Hunan Province, whose enterprises are welcomed to invest in Ajman. Government and department at all levels are willing to provide all-round and comprehensive help and support, so that a good investment environment can be created and the cooperation and exchange of economy and trade can be promoted, achieving a win-win situation.

After the meeting, both sides exchange gifts and take photos.

Ms. Yi Zhang, Chinese Commercial Counselor of Consulate-General in Dubai, is present.

Some members of the Delegation of Hunan Province, including Hunan Commerce Department, Economic and Technological Development Zone in Changsha City, Economic and Technological Development Zone in Ningxiang City, ICBC of Hunan Branch, etc., the principals of other departments of Ajman Authority, including the Office of the Emir of Ajman Emirate, Tourism Management Center, etc., and the investment and management representatives of Ajman China Mall, are present.