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Bosen Group is awarded the Nameplate of Commercial Branch of Hunan Province in Middle East Area

On March 25th morning, Hunan Commerce Department holds the Establishment and Nameplate Awarding Ceremony of Commercial Branches of Hunan Province in Laos, Thailand, and Middle East Area. The principal leaders of Hunan Commerce Department, the chief representatives of the commercial branches, and major news media in Hunan Province, attend the ceremony. Mr. Xiangping Xu, the General Director of Hunan Commerce Department, awards the nameplate to Mr. Feng Luo, the Chief Representative of Commercial Branch of Hunan Province in Middle East Area and Supervisor of Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation.

In the ceremony, Mr. Xu puts forward four requirements for the commercial branches: first, highlighting the key points; second, being pragmatic; third, having pioneering spirit; forth, improving the service.

During the interview from Hunan Satellite TV, Mr. Luo expresses that Commercial Branch of Hunan Province in Middle East Area will fully play the role of “window, coordination, bridge, and service”, recommending corporations of Hunan province to Middle East Area, and carrying out business activities. Moreover, it will provide Hunan province with support and service for carrying out “One Belt One Road”, and promote the development of foreign trade, foreign investment and foreign economy of Hunan Province.