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Picture Talking: Amazing Crowd flawed in China Mall on Friday
During the last weekend before Ramadan, the crowd surged in China Mall, and customers flocked from far and near yesterday. It is hard to find even one parking space around China Mall, which resulted in traffic jam. The police were arranged to evacuate traffic in major streets under the instructions of the government. From the opening in the afternoon to the closing before dawn, customers in China Mall were increasing all the time, which could compete with the crowd during the opening. Merchants said that such a big crowd had been rarely seen during the five years since its opening. The demands of customers are extremely high. 
How many customers were there? Let’s see.
Parking spaces were full of cars once the business started yesterday afternoon. Therefore, emergency parking spaces in China Mall were open to the queues temporarily.
The traffic was blocked from the afternoon to the night.
There were jostling crowd and amazing products promotions in China Mall.
Out of the plaza of China Mall, there were also large numbers of people.
It was known that the approaching of Ramadan is one of reasons for the popularity. People purchase foods and goods to make preparations for “Lent Sleep”. Another reason is that there are more effective promotions in China Mall, which are put at the right time. It is pleasing that the popularity will last for one week. China Mall will lengthen the business hours reasonably based on the actual situation. On the one hand, merchants can get much turnover. On the other hand, customers can come back with fruitful goods.