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Nanny Agency Scams in Dubai

I have a story to share with the people of the UAE to spread some news about my experience. Hopefully this will help others not fall for the same scam and get ripped off...
It is critical for every person looking to hire a nanny in Dubai to do extensive research on the company before paying ANY fees in advance. 
I say this after we decided to move forward with an agency called Nannies Dubai, who ask for a 3000 AED fee in advance before providing any services. They ask you to fill out a requirement form to ensure they have suitable candidates before you pay the fee. However, you find out later (after you pay them) that they are a fraud/scam just sending across random CVs of candidates that have not been prescreened, that they seem to find on any website online and that have nothing to do with what you asked for in the first place. You ask for a nanny, you might get an accountant come in for an interview (if they even show up at all). If you call the candidates, most have not even heard of this agency. 
It is unfortunate that children are involved and parents rely on such companies to find child aid. I did research on the company after going through this experience and found TONS of other complaints about this company, from people who have gone through the exact same scenario and felt cheated and ripped off, and were warning others about using this agency. Word needs to spread before more people get ripped off.