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What religions are practiced in the UAE?

Islam is the official religion of UAE. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is particularly spectacular, and they welcome visitors for self-tours, and also offer free guided tours, every day except Friday. (See our video from our visit.)
However, in the major cities, there are Roman Catholic, Protestant, and/or Orthodox churches that serve the expatriate community.
In Abu Dhabi, some churches include: St. Joseph's Cathedral Abu Dhabi (Catholic) -- and a new Catholic church, St. Paul's Church - Mussafah is now under development; St. Andrew's Church (Anglican); the Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi; St. Stephen's Syrian Orthodox Church; and St. George Orthodox Cathedral.

In Dubai, some churches include: St. Mary's Catholic Church, Dubai; Holy Trinity Church (Anglican); St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai; St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church; the United Christian Church of Dubai (evangelical) and the Arab Evangelical Church of Dubai, which are based at the Dubai Evangelical Church Centre; and the Dubai City Church.