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Hunan Pavilion is on the theme of Huxiang culture, interpreting the concept of natural future and new ecology. Design elements fully reflect regional culture and natural characteristics of Hunan, explaining China’s ideal life artistic conception of unity of man and nature, back to basics, and harmony with nature. It also shows beautiful lakes and mountains in Hunan, great wisdom of nature, and humanistic feelings that there are many talented people in the State of Chu, especially in this place, developing Chinese reputation in the M.E.

Celebrities, famous scenic sites, famous places, famous works and famous products in Hunan are all combined into Hunan Pavilion, which fully shows Hunan humanity, history and modern achievements. Meanwhile, it will attract lots of merchants with specific products to do business, including industrial machinery, electronic information, characteristic tourism, and medical services. Moreover, the cooperation with various brands of Hunan will be enhanced, providing professional services of promotion marketing, logistics, fund and after-sales. This will reduce circulation costs for Hunan products to enter in the M.E., and open commodity information channels, becoming Hunan image and window of going out and introduction in the M.E.

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