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Ajman Free Zone, UAE
Developed & Managed by:
Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation
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Project Schedule

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At the end of 2010, the project opened. Thirteen pavilions were built in the first period, with 7,000 square meters each one. Eight shops in the front, five warehouses in the back, in the middle, there are offices and logistics. The major businesses of A to E are the wholesale, resale and sale of textiles, general merchandise, pretty commodities and lightings. There are 1,600 shops and 1,100 tenants, which mainly come from China as well as other countries in Asia and the M.E., including about 860 companies from China, accounting for about%. Near 8,000 workers, more than 20,000 footfalls each day, wholesale trade merchants occupying 50%, the trading volumes of resale and wholesale reach up to 1,500 million dollars. F to H, under renovation, are expected to open in October, 2015, whose main businesses are the wholesale and sale of home design, furniture and building materials, 95% from China. After the opening, there will be 400 or 500 tenants, with the trading volume up to over 2,000 million dollars, increasing 60% on the basis of the present. This will greatly develop the diversity and scale of the products inside the Mall.