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Market Opportunity

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(1)The UAE—Paradise of the Free Trade
The UAE is known as Hong Kong in the Middle East, owning the freest international trade environment and conditions all over the world. Free trade policies, like zero customs duty, have attracted over 160 countries to invest and do business in the UAE. The UAE is famous for the pearl in the desert and the trade paradise in the world.
1. With the stable political situation, the UAE was awarded as the safest country around the world.
2. The UAE is the third transit center after Singapore and Hong Kong, whose trade reaches throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.
3.With free and open trade policies, taxes, such as transit tax, business tax, income tax, are all for free, except import duty (5%).
4. With the sea, land and air transportation, people can arrive at major cities in the global within 8 hours. It is also one of the most important aviation hubs.
(2)A Boom in Regional Trade—Golden opportunity for Chinese Enterprises to Invest Overseas
1. Middle East market is increasing rapidly. After the Arab Spring, post-war reconstruction in neighboring countries brought the UAE a great opportunity for business, greatly driving the demands of Chinese home building materials market in Middle East.
2. The majority of home building materials depend on imports with hardly any manufacturing industry. The consumption habit of the natives is to change home decorations frequently.
3. The development of home building materials is relatively lags behind. In 2009, the volume of furniture imports exceeded 65 billion dollars, building materials consumption 800 billion dollars in six Gulf Countries. Chinese home building materials and accessories enjoy great popularity in Middle East market.