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Ajman Free Zone, UAE
Developed & Managed by:
Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation
Hotline for Leasing
Mr. Hu: 056 282 2692
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Miss Du: 055-9971617    
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Amir: 056-7054320



Mode Orientation

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China Mall is the second largest Chinese commodity wholesale distribution center in the Middle East with quite a scale. Through the prospection of design and gathering of business sentiment, with sales exhibition and wholesale combined into one, China Mall develops a new model of Chinese commodity overseas expansion, building the only large-scale mall that is governed by China in a real sense.
1. A variety of products displaying at the customers’ choice.
2. Large-scale with showroom and warehouse connecting to each other.
3. Independent stands ensuring the safety of business secrets.
4. Ample space for storage of goods, hence ensuring adequate supply of goods in a short term.
5. Office function providing a real working environment for the registered companies, achieving trading and backstage office working at the same time.
6. Companies registered in Ajman Free Zone enjoying free duty, 100% ownership and other preferential policies.
Well-equipped Infrastructure and Entertainment Facilities
7. Mosque inside our wholesale center developing bilateral cultural relationship with the respect for believers.
8. Well-equipped sport facilities enriching your spare life.
9. Lots of star business hotels assuring you a comfortable stay in our wholesale center.
10. Numerous Chinese restaurants with typical Chinese food making you feel at home.