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Ajman Free Zone, UAE
Developed & Managed by:
Gulf Chinese Trading Corporation
Hotline for Leasing
Mr. Hu: 056 282 2692
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Miss Du: 055-9971617    
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Amir: 056-7054320




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Location Advantage

Located in Ajman Free Zone, China Mall owns the leading airports, ports, expressways, and communication facilities in the world. It is only 25km away from Dubai. It occupies a strategic trading position among Europe, Asia, and Africa, where it influences 1.5 billion populations of more than 50 countries. In addition, it is the global airport hub and transit trade center, having convenient traffic of a complete network of land, sea, and air throughout the area.

AIR: It needs only 25 minutes by car from Ajman Free Zone to Dubai International Airport. So does Sharjah International Airport.
SEA: Ajman Free Zone is adjacent to Ajman Port. Sharjah’s Khorfakkan Port, Khalid Port, and Dubai’s Rashid Port are within 35 minutes drive from Ajman Free Zone.
ROAD: Efficient international road network connects Ajman Free Zone to Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, and even Europe.